Project Playground

The inclusive rebuild of Project Playground: a collaboration between the community and the City and Borough of Juneau.

Project Playground at Twin Lakes, built in 2007, was burned down in 2017. We quickly formed a public private partnership to form a Steering Committee to direct the rebuild.

Our principal goal is to rebuild Project Playground through enhanced safety and accessibility while improving a small number of Playground components to enhance the overall play experience. We call this the “Inclusive Rebuild of Project Playground.”

We deliver that to you by: enhancing the safety of the ice castle, fort, and other nooks and crannies; increasing inclusive play components of slides, swings, spinners, music, and pathways; putting in an inclusive dual zipline; building a small turf field within the Playground footprint for ball play and other running around; providing top notch safety surfacing; and, building a welcoming entrance plaza with games, low level lighting, and a pavilion.

Insurance funds have helped a great deal with the costs of the base footprint. In addition:

Through funds saved by having the volunteer community build experience and through your direct generosity, we have raised $356,000. This funds the inclusion of the entrance plaza, dual zip line, turf field, and a portion of the safety surfacing. By raising an additional $85,000, we will cover 100% of the playground with enhanced safety surfacing. “Poured in Place” is a safe, seamless, non-slip, non-flammable, highly accessible playground surface. We think it is the best surface for our community.

Our primary fundraiser is selling the Project Playground Fence Pickets. Family pickets cost $60 and Business pickets cost $120. Every 6 family or every 3 business pickets sold will help cover an additional 10 square feet in Poured in Place safety surfacing. We have 1375 pickets left to sell. The deadline for picket sales is April 20, 2018. Get yours today!

The Contractor portion of the build will occur in June – July 2018. The Community portion of the build will be on August 8 – 12, 2018.

Please get your pickets now. Let’s get this done, and done right. Much thanks.

Mike and the Steering Committee.

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Steering Committee

The Project Playground Steering Committee, November 2017.